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The importance of dental care

Barriers to accessing oral health for older adults

According to results from the CDC’s National Oral Health Surveillance System 2008 findings, 35.7% of Missouri adults aged 55-64 and 44.5% of adults aged 65 and older indicated that they had not visited a dentist or dental clinic in the past year. Similarly, 53.5% of Missouri adults aged 65 and older report having lost six or more teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease; 26.2% report having lost all of their teeth for those reasons. It’s important to note that tooth loss is not a consequence of aging, but rather untreated disease or injury. That is to say, many oral health conditions are preventable, but many seniors are not getting the preventive care they need because they simply do not understand the need and the value in such care

older adults

Approximately 30% of all prescriptions are dispensed to adults 65 and older with as many as 95% causing oral side effects such as dry mouth, soft tissue lesions, taste changes, gingival growth, burning oral sensations, and increased tooth decay. Many older adults also have receding gums which can result in decay along the gum line and, along with poor diet, can contribute to dental diseases in seniors.

Risk of poor oral health

Poor oral health has been associated with a number of serious health conditions and diseases. For example, the bacteria that causes periodontitis, an infection that attacks the soft tissue and bone that support teeth, has been positively associated with bacterial pneumonia and, on some occasions, has been shown to cause endocarditis, an infection of the heart chambers and valves..
# of Missouri residents on Medicaid
# of Missouri residents age 65+
# of Missouri residents age 65+ on MEDICAID

We are Mobile First

We Care Mobile Dental Foundation has been practicing Teledentistry since 2019. This model allows us to reach a large number of patients while maintaining the professional and clinical expertise our board licensed team has for over 25 years. We are able to provide comprehensive preventative care for each patient as well as a recommended plan if further treatment is required. It is our mission to serve those who have been historically marginalized in this country for years. 


Our commitment

We provide dental care for their residents and ensuring the best possible treatment is given by our staff.


The Importance of Dental

Poor oral care is linked to serious health conditions and diseases, especially with individuals who are over the age of 65.



An innovative new way to expand access to dental care while streamlining the time needed from dental professionals as well at patients.

“Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the more vulnerable people in society....whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running whereever they are.”

-Princess Diana

Our Story

We began this project back in 2018 as an LLC and it’s only grown since. The program was originally designed to serve people within the St. Louis Community who were on Medicaid needing preventative dental services. From there we began to identify a much larger need and that was the lack of education and awareness when it came to oral health. Patients were not aware of best practices when it came to oral health, nor were they aware of what dental services were offered to them through the current insurance they were enrolled in. We began educating patients on both and implemented that into our program. 

From there we came across yet another issue and that was that most patients we saw had little to no teeth. This quickly became a top priority and We began dedicating one day a week to treating patients for dentures. The work we do has grown and we realized how large the need has become and knew we needed to expand the scope for assistance and we filed our articles of incorporation and tax exemption on 5/5/22. Becoming tax exempt allows us to see the vulnerable population and assist us in receiving funding to maintain sustainability. This program as a whole has evolved in a large way since the beginning and it will continue to grow and take new shape as we are constantly addressing the needs of the patients. Facilities and residents have come to rely on us and we aim to be a stable resource they can count on to show up and provide the best treatment for each patient.


Questions & Answers

We take all insurances. Especially MEDICAID.

Not to worry! If this is a patients first time, we will walk them through the procedure and explain every detail of our treatment.

After each resident is seen we will deliver treatment plans for each patient and if further care is needed, we will provide a list of local dentists in the area who can assist with further treatment. 

Unfortunately, we do not see patients in their own home. If you are living within a nursing home, assisted/independent living facility or adult daycare then we are able to treat your loved one. 

There’s no upfront cost for the facility- we bill each patients insurance directly.

We will perform a dental exam, Oral cancer screening, x-rays, teeth cleaning and if needed minor extractions, partials and dentures. 

Depending on how many residents would like to be seen will directly determine how much time is needed but typically we are in a facility for 4 weeks. We will stay until each patient is seen and properly treated.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We understand the challenges you face with your residents and the  struggles to be compliant with the state. Contact us today so we have help carry that load