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At We Care Mobile Dental Foundation, we provide on-site mobile dental care to individuals living in nursing homes, assisted/independent living facilities and adult daycares.

How it works

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We developed a 6-step process to ensure each patient has access to quality dental care and treatment options.

Step 1

Make appointment

Give us a call or send us a message through our contact page to setup your appointment and have us come our to your site.

Step 2

patient schedule

After setting up an appointment, you will gather a participant census of which patients within the facility would like to be seen. 

Step 3


We require patient consent forms and face sheets (if applicable) for each patient. This helps us to better understand each patient.

Step 4

Verifying insurance

Prior to service, we verify insurance of each patient. We accept all insurance – including MEDICAID to allow our services to be highly accessible.

Step 5

x-rays / Imaging

We begin each visit by taking intraoral photographs and digital x-rays of each patient to further understand patient needs.

Step 6


Our dental hygienist and  assistant will come to your facility and provide the dental care needed for each individual patient.


Our Services

We aim to provide the best preventative dental care to all patients. Below is a list of services we currently offer.

Dental exams

Our certified licensed Dentist performs a comprehensive examination via Teledentistry on each patient prior them receiving a cleaning.

Oral Cancer Screeening

Every patient will receive a full assessment to detect any abnormalities or potential illnesses.


Our dental assistant will take digital images on every patient to gain a deeper understanding of each patient.

Teeth cleaning

Our registered Dental Hygienist performs all cleanings on each patient.


If a patient is in need of a minor tooth extraction, our Dentist will perform that serivice onsite.


We offer partials/dentures if that patient needs such services. This is based on the evaluation of our team